Ed Chun of Center in Park Senior Enivronment Corps Tests Water Quality of Cresheim Creek

About Close Up

This website features photographs and video interviews that I pause to take when I am out in the community (mostly my community, Northwest Philadelphia but sometimes far beyond) going about my normal business.  I love to meet people and, when I see someone or something interesting, I am curious to find out more. I studied photography many years ago with Don Camera (seriously!) and was exposed (pun intended) to darkroom work at the Fleisher Art Memorial. I collect photography books, black and white, color, photojournalistic, landscape, experimental, but a little less passionately now that the web is so rich in images.  My current inspirations are too numerous to list!

I thank my subjects who share their visages and sometimes more, voices and thoughts with you.

Short videos also accompany most of the photo interviews here and can be found at

Many of the photos have appeared on and off  in"Close Up" in the Chestnut Hill Local print version and likewise with photos and videos in its online edition. In 2014 and early 2015, several audio excerpts of the video interviews have been broadcast on the BBC Radio World Edition hosted by Dan Damon.

If you are an editor and like what you see here, I have many more photos and videos of Philly and beyond for you to consider publishing. Contact me through the link on the home page.

Thank you for visiting.

Brian Rudnick 

PS. In recent months, most videos and photos seen here are shot, edited and uploaded with an IPhone4, not with the quality resolution I would like but that hopefully that will be coming!